Meet Our Leaders

These are the members of Trinity's Senior Leadership Team.
Apostle Diane WashingtonApostle Diane Washington
Senior Pastor
Apostle Diane Washington is the senior pastor of the Trinity Deliverance Church. She is the wife of the late Apostle V. Benjamin Washington, who installed her as pastor in 2007. She is continuing the work began by her late husband and has a ... more

Pastor Jimmie DavisPastor Jimmie Davis
Associate Pastor in Charge
Pastor Jimmie Davis is the associate pastor in charge at the Trinity Deliverance Church. He works closely with Apostle Diane Washington to make sure the daily workings of the ministry are fulfilled and helps to lighten the load of the woman of ... more

Pastor Carol DavisPastor Carol Davis
Associate Pastor
Pastor Carol Davis has an anointing for order and organization. It is no wonder she works so closely with Apostle Diane Washington to help in the Administration of the Trinity Deliverance Church and it's outreaches. She works along-side ... more